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Clinton Banbury

I am a contemporary watercolourist combining fluid and precise brush line work with clear flat washes of colour. My preconceived designs based on my own experience of the natural world simply cover a plane surface forming coherent patterns of colours and abstraction.


My contemporary designs range from smaller, ready framed signed prints suitable as a gift, to small scale collectable and affordable watercolours to larger statement pieces in either watercolour, or oils.


They are collected by many different people from all over the world. Whether you are looking for a small gift to send abroad as a reminder of our British birdlife or want to feel the warmth of Africa in you lounge then I have a special piece for you.


Prints for sale

Mini framed bird prints. Fine art quality. (18.5 x 18.5cm) £20 inc. p+p

Look great as a collection. Signed open edition, over 30 designs, ready framed.


A selection of British birds. Mounted and signed limited edition fine art prints. (30.5 x30.5cm) £40 inc. p+p

Some of my favourite British birds. Presented mounted and beautifully wrapped ready to frame and suitable as a gift.


Originals for Sale

Gulls in Line. Watercolour (584x584mm) £480

Gulls. Love them for their wild cries and roguish propensities, but here they are reduced to a peaceful semi-abstract arrangement on a beach hunkered down against the wind.

Eleven Cornish Choughs. Watercolour (584x737mm) £580

Two years ago, we stood amazed as we counted eleven swirling forms, high jinxing in the tearing wind around the disused mines and cliffs. I painted this picture in celebration.

African Elephants III. Watercolour(635x814mm) £640

I sketched a lot of Elephants when I journeyed in Africa and began to see them less as monolithic individuals and more as family groups moving in gentle patterns.

African Surf. Watercolour (584x737mm) £640

I was drawing Great Egrets when the local kids came out from school and exploded into the shallow water on the lakes edge, splashing and cheering, the finished painting presented itself to me immediately. Man, and animal sharing the environment equally.

Southern Ground Hornbills. Oil Painting. (830x830mm) £1200

I love birds with character, and the Southern Ground Hornbill has plenty of that. They are frustratingly aware. I was craftily hidden against a sunken riverbank where I just managed to do a few quick sketches that acted as the source material for this painting before they wandered off.

For more information please contact:-

Clinton Banbury

07971 106628

Facebook: Clinton Banbury Art

Instagram: artthatmakesyousmile.byclint

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