Animal Sculpture by Sculptress JOEL

Animal Sculpture by Sculptress JOEL

Detailed Sculptures of Birds Cast in Bronze and Other Metals – Suitable for indoors,  gardens and landscapes.

Bird Sculptures that make ideal gifts.

Contact JOEL if there is a species or combination you would like made bespoke for a particular site or project.

Prices of sculptures from £150 to £15,000+

Species available include :-

Longtailed Tit (Aegithalos caudatus), Wren (Troglodites troglodytes), Little Owl (Athene noctua), House Martin (Delichon urbicum), Swift (Apus apus), Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis), Swallows (Hirundo rustica)

and other owls, waterfowl, doves and finches.

Beautiful details of bird species their attributes, their form feathers and behaviour are captured in clay by Sculptress JOEL and cast to make enduring artwork and heritage statues.

Joel has been working as a sculptor for 30 years and has won awards and she has undertaken many commissions for individuals, societies, local authorities, businesses and groups.

Her work is used to help promote the conservation of species such as the Swift.


“I love celebrating our birds as sculpture and making them so people can enjoy their look and feel, being inspired and cheered by their form and beauty,” says Joel. “By exhibiting the sculptures at key events, and sharing details about the bird species – and their needs and conservation links on social media, I aim to help promote this cause of making a positive difference in the world to help save individual birds and their species.

Some of my work is also used to raise awareness and funds not only by me but by other individuals, groups and societies”


Joel’s work is different in the detail of her sculptures of birds and other animals and she carefully researches the dimensions, characteristics and behaviour of the species that she celebrates.

Joel often does extra work in the wax stage to make a sculpture distinct. She provides the sculptures in simple bronze finish or a combination of classic patination and chemicals, stains, dyes, and waxes she calls the Rutland Colour technique. Joel finds unusual stones and has stone worked to make the statues unique.


Her sculptures have been sent and taken overseas:- North and South America, Europe, South Africa, Australia…


So whether you want a small classic bronze for a special gift, a bird sculpture feature for your garden or a large scale statue complex installation for a landscape Joel can supply something to suit you.


Bird Sculpture to make enduring artwork and heritage statues.

Celebrating Life, the Environment – Our Bird Species  – Animal Sculpture by JOEL

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For more information please contact:

JOEL Walker

01664 454987

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