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Life Changing: How Human’s are Altering Life on Earth by Helen Pilcher

Sponsored by Bloomsbury Publishing

Ever since our species first evolved, we have been tinkering with nature and altering the course of evolution.

Humans are altering life intentionally, via selective breeding and genetic technologies, and unintentionally, by our collective actions that are changing the biosphere. As some species go extinct, new ones are evolving. Evolution is speeding up. We haven’t seen change on this scale since the demise of the dinosaurs. Join Helen as she explores the legacy created by this evolutionary mischief-making and explores how humans are changing life on Earth.

Helen Pilcher is a tea-drinking, biscuit-nibbling science and comedy writer. A former reporter for the science journal Nature, she has a PhD in cell biology and now writes widely for the likes of The Guardian, Science Focus and BBC Wildlife. She has a lifelong love of the natural world, and an overgrown garden that she says is ‘rewilded.’ Her current book, ‘Life Changing: How Humans are Altering Life on Earth’ is longlisted for the 2020 Wainright Prize for writing on Global Conservation. Her first book, ‘Bring Back the King: The New Science of De-extinction’ was Radio 2 ‘Fact not Fiction’ book of the week. Helen also teaches people how to write and tell stories about science, and is ‘Scientific Advisor to The Beano.’

The book is available at 30% discount from Bloomsbury Publishing Helen Pilcher – Life Changing

This recording will be available on Saturday 22nd August and for 3 months afterwards.


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