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On The Trail of Wolves by Philippa Forrester

Sponsored by Bloomsbury Publishing

Listen to author and television presenter, Philippa Forrester talk about moving to Wyoming and falling in love with wolves.

From the moment of hearing the first howl to learning more about the pack and how they live, Philippa has fallen in love with wolves and discovered a respect and understanding for their species. Fascinating and entertaining, join here to find out more. . . ‘I hear the wolves while I’m working alone in our snow-clad log cabin in the wilds of Wyoming. I have never heard wild wolves before, but I am in no doubt about who it is calling outside in the snowy valley…Whether they are meant this way or not, these calls are a call to me – a wake-up call, adding fuel to a smouldering fire inside me. They make me realise where my passion lies, where my curiosity ignites: with the wolves in the wilderness.’

When Philippa moved to the US she discovered a new way of looking at things and in turn grew to be fascinated by wolves and how they live. Hear more about her journey and the inspiration for her new book.

The book is available at 30% discount from Bloomsbury Publishing Philippa Forrester On the Trail of Wolves

This recording will be available on Sunday 23rd August and for 3 months afterwards.


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