Birdsy and Wildlife Kate Live Webcams – 2

Birdsy and Wildlife Kate Live Webcams

Enjoy the fantastic live webcam footage provided by Birdsy and Wildlife Kate, they are absolutely fascinating!

This feeder is set up in my Lichfield garden. It is close up to the birds, so you get a lovely view of a variety of species, especially greenfinches, tits, nuthatch etc

This is a waterhole made out of a recycled tyre and is set up in my Lichfield garden. . There is a video and instructions on how you can make your own, on my website. (  )I get loads of species here and have recorded blackcap, whitethroat, spotted flycatcher, as well as all of the normal garden species

I designed and made this feeding station with the staff at Aigas and set up the camera for them. We regularly record red squirrel, pine marten as well as lots of bird species. It is one of my favourites!

After meeting Analu, from Septimo Paraiso, at BirdFair last year, I travelled to Ecuador in Jan and set up this feeding platform. We record daily visits from Tayra (who are destroying all our feeders!), humming birds and about 15 species of stunning birds. I have some fabulous clips!

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