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John Gale

Working as a bird illustrator and artist for the last 30 years.


This is an exciting year for John with two major publication going to press. The second edition of ‘Field Guide to Birds of East Africa’ is due in the autumn and ‘North Atlantic Seabirds – Shearwaters, Jouanin’s & White-chinned Petrels’ is published in the summer.  The East African field guide features John’s new Flycatcher, Cisticola and Apalis plates to name a few and is published by Bloomsbury. The Shearwater guide is the fourth in the series of North Atlantic Seabird identification guides by Bob Flood and Ashley Fisher. The seabird plates show a comprehensive range of plumage variation within a species including different stages of moult and wear, while the African illustrations cover sexual variation as well as a range of sub species found in the region covered by the book. Original plates are available for sale from both books and prints are available of a selection of the Shearwaters plates.



  John has continued working in oil over the last year as well, painting Birds of Paradise and forest scenes from recent trips to West Papua. These are large paintings and take a while to complete. The emphasis is to portray accurate behaviour of Birds of Paradise, incorporating the forest environment and light into the painting as well. Field work and study includes spending days in the forest and hours waiting to see these amazing birds display, visiting the same display site on many occasions, walking up and down steep gullies, falling over and getting cold and wet at times, as well as bitten by insects! “I just love the excitement of putting a big painting together, especially of a species that I have dreamt about for years”.


John has a large selection of original paintings and illustration work available on his website from book publications as well as travel.  You can also find a selection of quality prints for sale there as well.

For more information please contact:-

John Gale

01392 832026

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