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Mythic Hippo

Wildlife photographer (Africa, Central America, Herzegovina, UK and Australia mainly) and photography tour leader (Herzegovina, so far!). Photos for sale in any format/medium, at very affordable prices.

My name is Jenny Grewal, and I am a wildlife photographer and veterinary surgeon based in Wiltshire, UK. As you may be able to tell from my two jobs, animals and nature are my passion in life! I took my first photos when I was 6 or 7 (I had a bright pink plastic Olympus, as I recall!) but I bought my first telephoto lens in 2012, and that is when my love for wildlife photography really developed.
My first trip to South Africa really sparked my enthusiasm for birding, and I started seeking out birds closer to home. This led me to travel to Herzegovina with Denis from Wild Herzegovina – I loved the first trip so much I kept going back, and I am delighted to now be working with Denis to show more people this incredible place and its wildlife ( We will be running an 8-day tour from 30th May-6th June in 2021, with a maximum of 12 guests. Denis provides the local birding knowledge (and the ability to speak Bosnian/Croatian!), and I provide photography tuition, advice and discussion. We tailor the tour to our guests, and for all abilities from complete beginners to very advanced photographers. We can also tailor the itinerary to look for different species of birds, butterflies and wildflowers, and to take in the glorious landscapes on offer – all depending on what our guests would like to photograph. I am looking forward to working with guests on the photographic tours to get the shots they have envisaged, and hopefully some shots they haven’t thought of yet!
In the coming years I aim to lead photography tours to Honduras in collaboration with William Orellana of Beaks and Peaks Birding, and to Costa Rica with Esteban Biamonte of Cotinga Tours – both local guides with a huge knowledge of and enthusiasm for the birds, wildlife and ecology of their countries. William and Esteban both have ‘virtual stands’ at this year’s Birdfair, so please have a look to find out more about their stunning countries and tours.
In taking photos of wildlife and the natural world, I have learnt far more about both than I could have hoped for. I have been privileged to see some incredible animals in a variety of wonderful countries, and I am excited to be helping others have similar experiences.

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Jenny Grewal


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