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Moths and moth trapping for Birdfair 2020 by Phil Sterling and Luke Phillips

Moth-experts Phil Sterling and Luke Phillips will be emptying moth traps and talking about moths at the online Birdfair this year. In this ever-popular event, discover what they caught overnight in the heart of Dorset’s beautiful countryside and hear the stories behind the amazing diversity of these night flyers!

Phil Sterling has been into moths since childhood. He ran his first moth trap in summer 1968, then recording lots of Brighton Wainscot, a species now sadly extinct in the UK. He has become one of the country’s leading experts and has co-authored two popular Field Guides – one on Micro-moths and the other published this year on Caterpillars. Phil lives in Dorset where he works for Butterfly Conservation on a project that encourages better design and management of our green spaces in urban environments for wildflowers, butterflies and moths (


Luke Phillips is a keen birder and naturalist with an interest in seemingly anything that flies, particularly moths! He has been moth recording for the last 13 years since he was lent his first moth trap. Since then mothing exploits have taken him all over and explored many habitats from the uplands in Wales, the Wye Valley and now Dorset which is a dream come true for any moth recorder. He has worked the RSPB for the last 11 years in a range of roles but most have allowed nim to study moths at some amazing places such as Arne in Dorset and Nagshead in the Forest of Dean.


Thanks to Alice Martin for filming.

This recording will be available to watch on Friday 21st August and for 3 months afterwards



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