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Live photography workshops and talks are being run by the following companies:

Nikon Workshops and live talks during Virtual Birdfair

Friday  3-4pm  – Why Local Projects are important for your wildlife photography, Tom Mason

Join Nikon Sport Optics Ambassador and professional wildlife photographer Tom Mason, for a lecture on how local projects are important for your wildlife photography. Sharing images from his work close to home over the last few years as well as during lockdown, Tom explores the reasons why working on your doorstep can have huge benefits to developing your skills.

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Saturday 11-12pm – The Art of Wildlife Photography Ricci Chera, Nikon School

Nikon School Training specialist Ricci talks you through his wildlife photography. Covering the cameras & lenses he uses to photograph everything from Birds in flight to Red squirrels in Snow. You will learn some great techniques and some tips and tricks along the way.

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Saturday 3-4pm – Creative Wildlife Photography Tom Mason

Wildlife photographer and Nikon Europe Sport Optics Ambassador, Tom Mason explores the world of creative wildlife photography, looking at some ideas and techniques to take your wildlife photography to the next level. From panning images to working remote cameras, join Tom for a look at how he develops his projects and images in the field.

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Sunday 10-11am – Scotland’s Wild West – Photographing the nature and wildlife of the Hebrides

Chris Gomersall Chris will be discussing how to photograph wildlife and nature of the Hebrides while taking you through a variety of inspirational images you can capture on location.

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Sunday 1-2pm – Seeing the Light with Wildlife Photography Richard Peters

Wildlife photography is about so much more than just getting an animal in the frame. Join Richard Peters as he discusses the different types of light he uses on subjects both at home and around the world, to add an extra dimension to his work.

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Sunday 3-4pm – Northern gannets – A National Geographic magazine assignment Andy Parkinson

Nikon Ambassador Andy Parkinson provides a unique insight into working on an editorial shoot for National Geographic while photographing Northern Gannets.

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Canon Live talks during Virtual Birdfair

Friday 1-2pm –  Jungle Spirits with Christian Ziegler

National Geographic photographer and tropical ecologist Christian Ziegler takes us on a fascinating journey through tropical rainforests around the world, and shares the story behind his motivation for becoming a conservation photographer. Starting out at a flowering Balsa tree in his chosen home Panama, where he spent months on a scaffold he erected in the rainforest to document the diverse wildlife. We hear about Christian’s adventures in the fascinating Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, where he worked for two full years to document the altitudinal migration of animals up and down the Himalayas. Finally, he shares some pictures of the long process of photographing one of the biggest, and yet most elusive and highly endangered birds on the planet, the Southern Cassowary, in the forests of tropical Queensland.

With his photography Christian wants to excite you about the wonders of the natural world and highlight the urgent need for effective conservation.

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Saturday 1-2pm Locked down with Birds, Badgers and an Editing Backlog with Mark Carwardine

For his entire adult life, Mark has never been in one place for more than a few weeks at a time – until now, that is. But he’s been making the most of lockdown by photographing some of the wildlife in his own garden, in Dorset. It was the first time he’s ever done it – despite meaning to for umpteen years. He’s also been catching up on an embarrassingly huge backlog of editing and processing. In this wide-ranging and entertaining talk, he chats about how it’s all been going.

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