Join RSPB’s Adrian Thomas for a tour of his wonderful wildlife garden and see how many of the ‘Big 7’ you are already doing in for nature in your garden. Adrian also shares how to make a buzzing bee hotel and a beautiful birdbath so you too can help give nature a home.


We’re asking all our young nature enthusiasts to take part in RSPB’s Wild Challenge over the summer; it’s completely free and all you need to do is create an account on our website, and within a few easy steps you’ll be ready to get stuck into your wild adventure. We’ve included some of the summertime activities for you here to help get you started and on your way to achieving gold!

Things to do in the garden to help wildlife

Is your garden the doing the absolute most it could be doing for nature or do you need to up your game? Take a look around Adrian’s garden and see how many things you are already doing for wildlife and if there’s anything you could start doing. Watch out for the creepy crawlies- there’s a few roaming about his garden!

How to make a bee hotel

Get your garden buzzing by learning how to make your very own bee hotel simply out of a block of wood or log. You will need an adult to help you drill the holes.

How to make a birdbath

In the summer months it’s really important that birds have plenty to drink. Learn how to make a bird bath for your feathered friends using materials from around your home and garden.

Here are lots of downloadable activities for you to try!

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