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St Kilda – Sailing to the edge of the world by Sara Frost

Sponsored by Naturetrek

In a world where long-haul travel is now so accessible, it can be all too easy to overlook the treasures in our own backyard. St Kilda is a very special place, and one of only 35 sites in the world to hold joint UNESCO World Heritage status for both cultural and natural heritage. This exciting talk will take you on a journey to St Kilda from Oban, as Sara details the excitement of sailing to this remote archipelago through the beautiful Inner and Outer Hebrides. She also gives insight into the life of the hardy St. Kildan people, which was one of remarkable self-sufficiency.

Having lived in the Hebrides for 3 years as a Wildlife Guide, Sara recounts the wonderful wildlife which inhabits these islands and surrounding waters – from otters, eagles and seabirds to dolphins and whales.

This recording will be available to watch from Saturday 22nd August and for 3 months afterwards.

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