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Inspired by birds, informed by science by Paul Stancliffe

How a little bit of science can add extra value to your birdwatching.

My favourite bird is the woodpigeon, why wouldn’t it be? It is a beautiful bird, full of pinks, soft blues and greys, and has an amazing yellow eye. It is also a bird I see every day in my own garden but did you know that the oldest Woodpigeon on record made it to 17 years, 8 months and 19 days, and that the longest distance recorded for a ringed Woodpigeon is 1,127km, from Denmark to Ireland?

Some of our commonest birds hide the most amazing facts; be inspired.

This recording will be available to watch from Sunday 23rd August and for 3 months afterwards.

Please note the sound in this talk starts quietly, but very soon increases in volume.

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