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Whales and Dolphins of the Azores by Sara Frost

Sponsored by Naturetrek

Twenty three species of cetacean have been recorded in the Azores, including the largest animal to ever have lived, the Blue Whale.

This is without a doubt the best whale watching in Europe – and it is possible to see 7+ species in a single visit, including the rare and elusive ‘beaked whales’ which live at depths of 2000m! This talk takes listeners through the biology of the cetacean species which inhabit the waters around these islands – from the deep-diving Sperm Whales which raise their calves here in the safety of these waters, to the attractive Striped Dolphins, which arrive in the Azores for the summer months.

Sara also touches on other areas of interest to the natural historian, including huge lava caves, stunning UNESCO vineyards and Europe’s largest colony of Cory’s Shearwaters.

This recording will be available to watch from Sunday 23rd August and for 3 months afterwards.

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