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The Last Song of the Nightingale

‘The Last Song of the Nightingale’ tells the tale of one of Europe’s most well known birds; its natural history, its role in literature, art and music, as well as its cultural importance and its future. Using a unique storytelling blend of animation, natural history, documentary style filmmaking and archive footage.

Narrated by actor and director Samuel West, this debut feature length documentary by Katie Stacey (Director) and Luke Massey (DOP) combines natural history, documentary style interviews, archive footage from British Pathe’s 1932 documentary ‘Secrets of Nature – The Nightingale’ and animation from award winning animator Will Rose. With cameo’s from Chris Packham, Isabella Tree, Stephen Moss, Richard Mabey, Sarah Darwin and Sam Lee – to name a few of the fascinating story tellers.

This film was available from 7pm on Thursday 20th August for 1 month.

Viewing as part of the Virtual Birdfair has now stopped.


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