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Madagascar’s endemic wildlife by Kerrie Porteous

Sponsored by Naturetrek

Madagascar has been isolated from mainland Africa for 165 million years, allowing evolution to take its own unique course. Today over 80% of all Malagasy wildlife is endemic, occurring nowhere else on Earth, meaning it truly is an island of the “weird and wonderful”!

During this talk, Naturetrek’s Kerrie Porteous will describe all corners of Madagascar, from the lush eastern rainforest, over the dry deciduous forests to the spiny deserts of the south-west. Across these habitats an incredible range of wildlife lies in wait for us, including the iconic Ring-tailed Lemurs, enigmatic Fosas, 6 endemic (or near-endemic) families of birds, plus untold numbers of chameleons, geckos, insects, and more.

This recording will be available to watch from Thursday 20th August and for 3 months afterwards.

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