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The extraordinary story of George and Tex – six years – one chick by George Archibald

Dr. George Archibald, Co-Founder of the International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, Wisconsin, USA, has loved birds since he was a small boy. Tex was a female Whooping Crane hopelessly imprinted on humans. Tex hatched at the San Antonio Zoo in 1967 when fewer that 30 wild Whooping Cranes were alive in the entire world. Because she hatched in the zoo director’s living room, Tex thought she was a person!

The story of George and Tex is the delightful, real-life adventure of George, a scientist who went to extraordinary lengths to solve an unusual problem – how to get Tex, a genetically valuable Whooping Crane, to produce offspring in the effort to save this endangered species.

This recording will be available to watch from Tuesday 18th August and for 3 months after.

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