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Future of Beavers in Britain – Thursday 20th August 4-5pm

This event has now happened and was recorded.

If you would like to watch the recording please see below.

Beavers. One of the hottest conservation stories of recent years – and they are on the cusp of changing status in England. Join a panel of experts from Beaver Trust and The Wildlife Trusts, chaired by author and naturalist Benedict MacDonald, as they discuss the future of beavers in Britain. Alongside your questions, they will explore how beavers create ready-made nature recovery networks, contribute to climate resilience, boost biodiversity and present a unique opportunity for us to scrutinise our relationship with the natural world and learn to live alongside it. This is not one to miss!

Panel Chair:
Benedict MacDonald
Benedict Macdonald is a nature writer, conservationist and television producer. He is the author of Rebirding (2019) and co-author of Orchard (2020) and regular columnist for BBC Wildlife, Nature‘s Home and Birdwatching. Ben has worked on The One Show, Springwatch, The Hunt and Our Planet (Netflix), and, more recently, as a director for Apple TV & National Geographic.



Our panelists:  Chris Jones, Eva Bishop, Mark Elliot, Roisin Campbell- Palmer

Chris Jones is a farmer and ecologist based in Mid Cornwall. He has worked as a policeman in Africa, as a forester in SW England, as a drilling fluids engineer in the North Sea, Middle East and Africa, and as a theme running throughout as a farmer in Cornwall. He has been interested in the idea of reintroducing beavers to the UK for many years, and has been practically involved setting up and running the Cornwall Beaver Project with Cornwall Wildlife Trust and Exeter University since 2014.


Eva Bishop is a passionate environmentalist dedicated to climate action, conservation and wildlife resilience. She has worked on large scale renewable energy programmes for the UK, involving environmental impact assessments and community engagement, run carbon offset schemes abroad and founded a major wetland conservation and catchment restoration initiative. Most recently she has developed a climate action app and materials for schools eco initiatives.


Mark Elliot is the Beaver Project Lead for Devon Wildlife Trust. As well as managing the River Otter Beaver Trial for the last five years, he has been responsible for the Enclosed Beaver Project in West Devon since the fence was constructed in 2010. His career in wetland conservation began with the National Rivers Authority in 1991, and he stayed with the Environment Agency until 2003, eventually becoming a Technical Specialist in Sussex, and Project Manager for a coastal realignment project. His particular interest is in using naturally functioning wetlands to buffer human communities from the impacts of extreme weather, and sees the role of river restoration by beavers as a very important adaptation to climate change.

Roisin Campbell- Palmer is a highly-experienced field biologist, specialising in native species restoration, publishing regularly mainly focusing on beaver reintroduction, health and biology, with a PhD from the University of Southeast Norway on the importance of founder selection in beaver restoration programmes. Her main day to day focuses on animal translocation, data collection, advising on beaver management issues, and implementing mitigation options in projects and wide range of organisations throughout Britain.


To watch a recording of this discussion please see below:

Please note due to a technical issue the introductions to the panellists are not included in this recording.


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